Joe Balles, Coordinator of School Safety and Security

Doyle Room 110

The Coordinator of School Safety and Security is responsible for managing the district's security programs and for providing direct support to school principals. The Coordinator of Safety works under the direct supervision of the Chief of School Operations to address the safety needs of students and staff in all district schools and programs.

The Safety and Security Office is the intake point for emergency communications with schools and with emergency responders. The office manages the district’s emergency response protocols involving severe weather, fire or police emergencies and any other threats that have the potential to impact school safety.

One of the Coordinator's most critical responsibilities is to provide daily support and consultation to school principals. Questions related to security, safety or police protocols are jointly assessed and resolved in a problem solving approach.  Consultation may involve the police, the appropriate grade level assistant superintendent or legal counsel. The objective is to provide the best and most effective solutions to complex legal or behavioral questions.

When critical incidents occur in schools, the Coordinator works closely with first responders to ensure that the most appropriate resources are employed to maintain the safety of students and staff.